Vow Renewals


Ten Reasons  To Renew Your Wedding Vows:

The Smoky Mountain National Park area in East Tennessee is a great place for families and friends to get together. The Smoky Mountain area is very diversified, offering a wide variety of lodging choices, activities and many attractions. With today’s families living throughout the United States, Tennessee is centrally located in the Southeast and a convenient meeting area for many families and groups. The trend today is to get together for more than a family vacation – for example, people are combining vacations with family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, second honeymoons, and vow renewals.

Vow renewals are becoming more common today for many reasons. Listed below are some reasons why many couples choose to renew their vows:
11221679_987809057896802_8500910971176498623_o A couple married by a judge in a courthouse may wish to renew their vows in a religious ceremony with family and friends present to celebrate with them.
Sometimes couples may have experienced a difficult time in their marriage such as a life threatening illness, family tragedy or problems in the relationship. A vow renewal is an opportunity to renew their love and support for each other.
There are couples who have grown together over the years and they feel a desire to renew their vows as a sign of the deep, loving relationship that has developed over time.
Couples often decide to renew their vows to celebrate a 10th, 25th or even 50th wedding anniversary. These are seen by many as “landmarks” in their lives and worthy of celebration. It is also a great reason for them to bring their families and friends together to join in on the “celebration”.
In today’s world, many young couples find it financially impossible to have that “dream wedding” and must settle for less. However, once they have the financial resources, they may want to have that “dream wedding”. A IMG_6777_200vow renewal ceremony can provide that opportunity.
Sometimes a disaster such as the sudden death of a parent or other tragedy mars the wedding, leaving the couple with unhappy memories of their wedding day. A vow renewal can give them the happy memories that they so wanted in the first place.
Sometimes renewal ceremonies are given as a gift to parents by children as a way of saying “thank you”. This is also a great time to combine a family reunion with the celebration.
When couples find themselves financially able to get the wedding rings they always wanted, a renewal ceremony is a great way to “present” the new rings to each other.
1-2 A renewal ceremony is a great way to involve children. If a couple had children that were not able to participate in the original ceremony, this gives them a second chance to celebrate their marriage together as a family. The children can be involved in many ways with a medallion ceremony, lighting of candles, etc.
Sometimes the vow renewal is for spiritual reasons. A couple may have recommitted their lives to God and want to recommit to each other also.
Couples can choose to have their renewal ceremony performed by clergy if they want the ceremony to be religious. However, there are couples who prefer to have non-religious ceremonies performed by a good friend, judge or whomever they wish. Renewal ceremonies are all about personal preference. There are no set rules and no legal paperwork is needed. The ceremony can be in a church, chapel, cabin, back yard, park, creekside, banquet hall, on a boat or anywhere that suits the couple.

Note: All of the providers on this website offer renewal ceremonies and will be happy to assist you.

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