Farm weddings in the Smokies are far from a recent wedding trend – they’ve been popular for couples in the South or couples traveling to the South for decades and with unique farm wedding providers like Sampson’s Hollow in Townsend performing holy matrimony for the lucky husband and wife to be, they will definitely continue to be en vogue!

Sampson’s Hollow has been a wedding destination favorite for quite a long time on its own accord. Since 2005, Sampson’s Hollow has had more than 1,000 weddings performed on its historic, pre-20th century farm (which is, in fact, a certified century farm) with exponentially more smiles, memories and moments of pure joy and bliss created from them. The farmland is located between Townsend, TN, and Maryville, TN, right on the cusp of the Smoky Mountain National Park and in one of the lesser traveled areas of the tourism area – this means those who seek quiet, comfort, and Appalachian atmosphere and views worth dying for can rest easy knowing they will get it at Sampson’s Hollow.

The Sampson’s Hollow faculties include these items:

* The Bonny Red Barn
“Three barn doors open up the facility and the grounds surrounding the barn can provide ample room to seat additional guests. Availability of twelve rocking chairs on the covered front porch overlooking a panoramic view of the majestic Great Smoky Mountains on three sides with the added comfort of ceiling fans for a gentle breeze.”

* Farmhouse Cabin
“Guests have the option of booking our unique one-bedroom cabin in the pines. Designed with romance in mind, the primitive cabin peeks out of the woods, embellished with antiques and collectibles. Even in less than perfect weather, the sound of raindrops on the old tin roof will provide a relaxing melody. Exceptional amenities include an old-fashioned claw foot tub, walk-in shower, and a four-poster queen size bed with a complementary rose-petal turn-down upon request of the guest.”

* Sarah’s Glen
“For the bride who has dreamed of being married in the mountains and is enamored with the appeal of Cades Cove, Sarah’s Glen offers a natural setting located in the woodland area of Sampson’s Hollow. The glen offers an even more private and secluded location, cooler in warmer temperatures, surrounded by nature and nested among a tall stand of pine and evergreen trees. Features of the glen include three wooden arbors; a larger in the center and one on each side from which a vintage window pane is suspended. A beautifully crafted stone stairwell leads into the ceremony area of the glen and an antique pickup truck sits alongside a older building reminiscent of an old fillin’ station and perfect for unique photo opportunities.”

* Pergola in the Meadow *
“This location is truly located in the hollow of the property and offers a breath-taking view of the Great Smoky Mountains as guests are seated in the green pasture of farmland. The white pergola is landscaped with trees and shrubbery and overlooks the meadow which blooms seasonally with wildflowers and grasses. Our meadow location can seat up to 200 guests on a natural incline which allows an unfettered view to all in attendance of your special day.”

* The Little Barn *
“Probably the most popular background on the farm for photography, our little barn is the oldest structure on the property. Originally located on another piece of property, the barn was falling apart and about to be burned. The structure was carefully disassembled, transported and rebuilt where it now stands on our farm and strongly serves to represent the tradition and daily life style of our Appalachian ancestors. Photographers love the little barn and all the angles and textures and possibilities for capturing memories and moments of your event.”

* The Cross and Footbridge *
“Perfect for smaller events, accommodating up to 30 seated guests, the footbridge is a shaded area, adjacent to the wildflower meadow and the wet-weather creek. Enhanced by a man-man feature of a cascading pond, designed in river-stone, this area provides an intimate setting for a private ceremony for the bride and groom and their immediate family and friends. The wooden Cross, crafted in barnwood, is located at the top of one of our hills and can either be used for smaller weddings or will provide an inspirational background for captivating photography.”

* The Powell Farmhouse *
“The farmhouse provides every modern convenience, including an in-ground swimming pool and sleeping capacity for up to 14 people. This additional facility allows out of town relatives and friends a roomy and comfortable option to renting small hotel rooms. It is recommended that reservations for the Powell Farm House be made when booking Sampson’s Hollow as the space rents out quickly.”

And best of all – Sampson’s Hollow has a wonderful selection of wedding packages and customized event packages available.

These packages include:
* Tapestry Dreams *
* Daydreamin’ Wedding Package *
* Once Upon A Time Package *
* Evergreen Dreams *
* Wildflower Dreams *

And these packages can provide accommodations for more than 100 guests, catering, cake, decorations, photography, videography, minister, bridal bouquet and, yes, much more. Whether you’re bringing a huge crowd or looking to elope in the mountains, Sampson’s Hollow should definitely be on your list of considerations!

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